SPIDER-a friend to me!

Spider, spider, spinning your web! 

In the Eves of the attic, or under my bed,

Silvery strands glistening onbushes,

On cold, frosty mornings as everyone rushes.

Spider, spider, where do you hide?

I've tried and tried with eyes open wide, 

Looking in deep, dark, nooks and crannies, 

Knowing you'll pop out on unsuspecting grannies!

So many quiver in tears as they dread! 

Not wanting to see you, with fear in their heads,

Silly, silly people, can they not see,

How you eat all the flies, a feast for your tea!

Autumn is here and winter will follow! 

Flies disappear to their sleepy hollow,

So dear little spider - you don't need to hide, 

In my house your welcome, so come on inside!

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