On Sunday 15th October I took part in the Oxford half Marathon again for a second time and I absolutely loved it.

The atmosphere was amazing and it was the highest amount of people taking part in the event to date so that was incredible turnout for Lime Light

I do have to be honest though, when going round the route I did struggle a bit but pushing through, I did make it to the end.

Overall there was about 12000 people on the road taking part for different reasons but most importantly fundraising for the causes close to their hearts.

As this was my 2nd time of entering, I knew what expect this time and it made a massive difference.

For this year we had a group of 6 runners (including myself) who fundraised for The Lucy Rayner Foundation.

This was half of last year but having at least 5 people taking part, enables us to support the chairty.

With this website only being live for 3 months, I found it really hard to properly fundraise this year because all my time and effort has mainly been spent getting content added onto the site.

However as a team, we raised a massive amount which is just phenomenal.

When I took part last year, I really struggled with my training due to travelling with my events so this year I made a point in having 5 months off travelling.

A few days before the big day, I went into BBC RADIO OXFORD studios to have a chat with Sophie Law about our fundraising and I cannot thank them enough for their support.

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated on our fundraising pages, it really means a lot to me and to Team Rayners

Finding out a few months ago that the charity had to put a pause on their outreach counselling programme due to lack of funding, really hit me hard.

My main mission going forwards is to raise as much money that I possibly can to get that programme back again because it's affecting peoples lives.

Here is a statement from the Lucy Rayner Foundation:

"The Lucy Rayner Foundation loves being involved in fundraising events that involve physical exercise, such as The Oxford Half Marathon, as we like to remind our supporters of the imperative link between physical and mental health. There are many studies to suggest that increased physical exercise can help to boost your mood and those all-important hormones such as serotonin that can contribute to a reduction in anxiety and depression. It is no secret that training for a Half Marathon also takes a lot of discipline and belief which is another great way that events such as these can boost someone’s mood and their levels of self-confidence. 

All money raised from this event will go towards funding our vital services such as our counselling service for young adults aged between 14 and 39. £35 will pay for a young adult to speak to a trained professional, for one hour about the struggles they are facing. Thanks to everyone that ran in the oxford half marathon, we are able to continue offering that support"

Click photo to see all the images taken on the day

Here is some feedback from a couple of the runners who took part in our group:


I found the Oxford half marathon very well organised. The runners village was very easy to find and everything was clearly sign posted. 

I found the run very enjoyable up until mile 12 where everything started to hurt but the crowd got me through it. 

I’m very happy that I was able to finish the half marathon and put my medal on the mantle piece


It was a really good day, positive outcome with how much we raised and I hope people continue to support the charity going forward 🙂

If you are inspired by what I have written and want to take part in 2024 then sign up today.

I want to say a massive thank you to the other 5 runners who joined me on the day.

Without your help and support, we cannot get that much needed awareness for Mental Health support so it really matters.




 Thank you for taking the time for reading this blog post. 


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