Millie and Amber, the cats we adore 

Adopted in June from a message we saw 

'URGENT - home needed - I'm going abroad! 

I can't take them with me, they need home and board.'

We loved them to bits as soon as we saw 

Millie and Amber come through the door

From Scissett to Longwood in their own travel cages

Feeling at home - would it take ages?

Millie explored her new surroundings 

Swiftly finding her way, cutely meowing 

Coming for cuddles and purring so loud 

Quickly settling and seeming very proud!

Amber was nervous to meet us we found 

Hiding away and going to ground 

Under the kitchen cupboards she went

 Helping her to settle, much time we spent.

So now five months later I'm delighted to say 

Millie and Amber are loved every day

After losing our Pumpkin when tears ran deep 

Amber and Millie are ours to keep!

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