Random Acts Of Kindness

No matter what time of the year it is, though, I believe that random acts of kindness can benefit everyone. Random acts of kindness can positively impact others and they are great for the soul too.

Whether the gesture is big or small, every act can go a long way. The smallest gesture can make someone’s day and completely change how they are feeling!

Here’s a wonderful list of ways to carry out random acts of kindness. 

1. Smile and say hello to everyone you cross paths with. I do this with everyone I see and it’s always great when someone does it back.

2. Hold the door open for someone.

3. Donate items from your home. Another thing you could do is donate an item for each item you bring home. So, each time you buy a shirt, donate a shirt!

4. Do a chore that you normally don’t do for your spouse. This could include doing the dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning your home, making a meal, dealing with a bill, and so on.

5. Donate blood.

6. Bring a trash bag on a walk and collect any trash that you may come across.

7. If someone is spreading gossip, say something nice about that person instead.

8. Give your new neighbors a welcoming gift. This doesn’t have to be expensive, dessert is usually loved or you could even just introduce yourself.

9. Leave a big tip. Leave a nice note on the receipt as well.

10. Leave coupons on items at the grocery store for others to use.

11. Bring food to share at work. Everyone loves donuts in the morning.

12. If you have a wedding or a party, donate your decorations and flowers to a hospital or a nursing home afterwards.

13. Send someone flowers for no reason.

14. Send a care package to someone who is away. This could be a person who is working far away, in the military, in college, and so on.

15. Compliment others. A simple “your hair looks great!” can make someone’s day.

16. Help someone find a job.

17. Bake treats for animals. Pets at shelters would love to have treats!

18. Call someone you love.

19. Forgive someone for a mistake. People make mistakes. Maybe you won’t forget, but you possibly can forgive.

20. Foster an animal. If you’re able to, possibly adopt as well.

21. Rake your neighbor’s leaves.

22. If it’s pouring out, let someone under your umbrella if you know you’re going to the same place. This could apply if you are walking to the inside of a mall from a parking lot, to class from a parking lot, and so on.

23. Encourage someone who is struggling.

And there are many more acts of kindness you can do to help someone.


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